St. Regis Langkawi

Location: Langkawi

Country: Malaysia

Client: Integrated Nautical Resort Sdn Bhd

Architect: Gensler London / ZDR / GA Design / Bensley Design Studio

Services Provided: Façade Lighting, Interior Lighting, Landscape Lighting

The hotel lighting concept is “Water” and “Fire”. These classic elements feature throughout the various spaces adding a sense of calm, warmth and mood to both the interiors and lush external landscape environment. Guests arriving are met by a sea of blue light evoking the feeling of cool before transitioning to the warmth of the Mansion house and then the terrace where the beach is lit with fire from torches.

All lights used in the project are LEDs, to save energy and to minimize maintenance. Lighting colour temperature were set at 2,700K and selected to enhance the interior ivory coloured finishes. Lobby lighting scene transition between 3 scenes (morning, afternoon and evening), to respect the day light which comes through 6 meter high windows which faces West.