Mega Bangna

Client: SF Development Co., Ltd.

Architect: Callison / Hassell / Urbanis

Services Provided: Façade and Landscape Lighting

The outdoor area is named “Cannel Walk” which links “IKEA”, “Fashion Galleria” and “Mega Plaza”. Cannel Walk: The concept is that of a relaxing outdoor atmosphere, with low light levels at the path way level to enhance the retail/shops as the focal point.

Mega Plaza: A round fabric tent covers the multipurpose area, which is illuminated by color changing LEDs + Strobe lighting to create calm ambience or with a fun dynamic light functionality when during a concert or exhibition. Light bars were also provided for additional lighting capacity if additional promotion lighting is required during special events

Fashion Galleria: As a main entrance way to the mall, the floor pattern is reflected in the ceiling. Lighting is concealed in the ceiling pattern. 4-Projectors were provided at the entrance for commercial events and 2-Lighting circuits were provided to allow flexibility during promotion and non-promotion scenarios.