Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit

Location: Bangkok

Country: Thailand

Client: L&H Property Co., Ltd.

Architect: Palmer and Turner / Interior Vision Co., Ltd

Services Provided: Lighting Design

Hotel and Residence

An energy-efficient lighting plan was adopted through the use of narrow beams and low energy lights. Dominant details such as the motif walls and multi-angled corners are accentuated to create a vivid contrast and sparkle between light and material. Overall lighting concept serves to enrich the contemporary oriental theme that runs throughout the interiors.

Shopping Mall

Terminal 21 is a one floor one concept theme shopping mall. This concept is market streets of the world. It decorated a well-known city streets; such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul etc.
This mall has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 meters; Integrated with custom made Blue LEDs ribs.

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Cover walk way are fully lid by LEDs light, for energy-efficient and to provide dynamic light which play along with music. The dancing light will active hourly, it is also an hourly clock for the space.