Bangkok Patana School

Location: Bangkok

Country: Thailand

Client: Bangkok Patana School Foundation

Architect: The Beaumont Partnership

Services Provided: Civil and Structural engineering design

Meinhardt was appointed by the Bangkok Patana School to undertake the structural design for this major renovation of the school. The project required a fast track design due to time constraints of construction which required the work to be completed within the period of the school summer break.

The project comprised of  a major structural modification to the Administration, the CDT buildings (adding a full floor) and the Auditorium building which was converted to a new
Library) and a new Primary Year 5&6 building, including other works such as walkways and the new Canteen.
The structural design for the new floors on top of the Admin and the CDT buildings utilizes steel trusses spanning 18-21 meters across the building widths to support the new floor structures.

The new floor is totally separated from the existing structures because the existing foundation is inadequate for supporting the new floor. The structural design carried out needed to consider constructability under unfavorable site conditions with the existing building being fully occupied during construction.